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Choose a qualified OVI lawyer in Springboro, Middletown & Franklin, OH

If you've been charged with OVI, you may think pleading guilty will save you money. However, the consequences of an OVI conviction could cost you much more in the long run. Hughes Law Office is home to a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney in Springboro, Middletown & Franklin, OH. He'll do his best to have your charges reduced or thrown out entirely.

Attorney Hughes brings years of experience to every OVI case he takes. He'll look into the details of case to make sure blood alcohol tests were correctly administered and that the chain of custody is intact. Call our office now to start digging into your case.

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What are the penalties of an OVI offense?

If you're found guilty of an OVI charge, the judge could impose:
Jail time
Court-ordered substance assessment
Extended license suspension

A capable OVI lawyer in Springboro, Middletown & Franklin, OH will work hard to reduce your charges. Contact Hughes Law Office right away to get the legal representation you need.